At Evergreen, we believe strong implementations are grounded in strong partnerships. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality implementations by getting to know our clients, understanding their needs, and providing  the best consultants in the industry. Our team brings understanding of project management methodologies, industry expertise in best practices, superior technical capabilities, and deep application experiences to support clients through each step of the implementation process.

Project Leadership

Our Program Managers, Project Directors, and Executives partner with your leadership team to understand goals, priorities, and strategic vision. As seasoned industry experts, our team can advise on governance, decision making and change management. We pride ourselves on being the bridge between IT and Operations, ensuring mutual understanding of goals and objectives. 

Project Management

Our Project Managers are knowledgeable about leading industry systems and applications, and excel at leading a diverse team. They are a passionate group that leverages their skills and expertise to inspire a sense of comradery and purpose within the project team, while making your project goals their own.


Extending your EMR to new physicians and partners requires experience and strategy. It requires knowledge beyond an EMR implementation. Evergreen’s Connect leader served as the Director of the Connect program at Epic and built the framework and model for large affiliate Connect programs. We leverage this deep experience to create a custom model for you, to create a better system experience for providers and a better healthcare experience for your patients.

Application Build and Configuration

In consultation with you, our application analysts evaluate and recommend solutions to your complex problems and requirements. We use our expertise and knowledge of application functionality – in conjunction with our understanding of operational processes – to tailor solutions and workflows that are right for you.

Instructional Design and Training

Evergreen’s trainers assist in developing best practices and optimization goals to ensure the system is providing the optimum level of user satisfaction. Our trainers are with you every step of the way developing and maintaining course curriculums, delivery format, classroom planning and training materials to be used before and after go live. 

Operational Readiness

Our Operational Readiness team identifies and reduces the organizational risk that comes with system implementation, rollouts and upgrades. We focus on developing a customized plan in partnership with you that prioritizes project goals, patient care and employee satisfaction.